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LGBTQ+ characters come out of the dark corners of subtext and into the light in this rebirth🎉 of the beloved Clive Barker tale. Hellraiser has always held a special place in the hearts of horror fans, but🎉 especially queer ones. While the original 1987 film was never expressly queer, rather it was innately so.
Hellraiser was released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment in the United Kingdom on 27 March 2024.

First described by dermatologist Moritz Kaposi (1837 1902) at the University of Vienna in 1872. Dr Kaposi's💳 last name was originally Kohn, but to distinguish himself from other physicians of the same name, he chose a new💳 name in honor of the Kapos River, near his birthplace, Kaposvr, Hungary.
The literal meaning of the term "Honduras"💳 is "depths" in Spanish. The name could either refer to the bay of Trujillo as an anchorage, fondura in the💳 Leonese dialect of Spain, or to Columbus's alleged quote that "Gracias a Dios que hemos salido de esas honduras" ("Thank💳 God we have departed from those depths").

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